About us

We are committed to teaching you the skills to make smarter investment decisions.

The founders of the company have been trading successfully with their own money since 2014 and recently started posting their trades on Instagram, twitter and other social media sites.

We had such positive feedback from our followers that we decided that they wanted to share the skills and techniques required to trade professional and make money.

We offer a daily trading alerts package and also an online trading course which enable you to continue your trading from anywhere in the world or simply from the comfort of your own home.

Available courses

Beginners Course

With our online course you will understand how the market really works and how to identify market trends.

You will also learn:

  • an understanding of how the markets work
  • how to identify market trends
  • good quality swing tarde and how to identify market reversals
  • basic technical knowledge on how to interpret the charts
  • how to trade without using indicators
  • how to manage risk/rewards and how to position your stops
  • gain an understanding of the key price reversal times in the market


More courses coming soon